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I am Rani Alabed, my wife on June 8th, found a dead bug in one of my daughter's new nappies (huggies 2)

the bug was squashed between the layers of the nappie. (you can find the photos attached) its really unthinkable!!

This incident is not acceptable at all for babys' hygienic products, specially from a big brand like Higgies nappies.

I have already contacted Kimberly Clark Co. the owner of the brand on this issue, and the local dealer in Jordan.

the Dealer in Jordan appologised to us, and they offered to replace the pack for us!! (not the greatest action)

We are still very disappointed.

I demand an investegation on this incident.

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Prince George, British Columbia, Canada #997592
I just found them in my Huggies too! Please contact me. I would like to know what they are as I've never seen them before and I'm worried for my babies :(

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